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1. Freedom

This is a ‘coming of age’ song. I started writing Freedom at the age of 17 years. I was just starting college, living away from home, and experiencing “freedom” for the first time. I wrote the first verse and the last verse and then packed it away, unsure of where to go next. I finally finished the song 17 years later.

2. You Silly Thing

This song was the first complete song that I wrote. It’s based on the conversations that we have with ourselves. How many times have we told ourselves not to be so silly, not to worry so much, to be positive. I can remember the day that I wrote it. I was living in Cork city, the kitchen window was open and the sun was streaming in. It was one of those wonderful times when a song seems to write itself.

3. Autumn & Spring

I wrote this song for my husband, Max. There is quite a considerable age gap between myself and Max and the more I talk to people the more I discover similar relationships. I wrote this song as a way of coming to terms with the age gap but, the more I sing it and play it to people, the more I find that it is a song that others can really relate to. I will never forget the advice that my father gave me, ‘you take love where you find it’.

4. Fire Burning

I think this song very much speaks for itself.

5. The PMT Blues

This song was literally written at the same time every month…just to make it authentic! I could lie and say that this is not auto-biographical but I think my husband would give me a funny look! Sorry Max!

6. From the Heart

This song was also written for my husband Max. I wanted to write a love song that wasn’t mushy and sentimental but an honest portrayal of the love I have for Max. It’s also the apology for the previous song!

7. Brain Overload

For years I suffered from insomnia. I would lie awake at night sometimes until after 6am trying to sleep but not being able to, trying to shut my brain down. When I was living in Cork and Max was living in Skibbereen, I would ring him up and ask him to tell me the rules of cricket. Surprisingly, I would be asleep within minutes!!!!! I did lie awake with the theme tune to the Muppets going through my head. Can you imagine ‘it’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights….’ at 3am! But eventually I discovered a cure and now I stay away from sugar, well, mostly! I hope you enjoy my boys’ contribution at the end!

8. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

This is about the realities of being a perfectionist! ‘Good enough’ is not really good enough, it has to be perfect. Making a decision is hard because it may be the wrong one. This song sums up the making of this album, one of the hardest, challenging and ultimately rewarding projects that I have ever undertaken!

9. Superego

This song is about growth. We all have things that hold us back, things that stop us from moving forward, from growing. We all have demons that we need to confront.

10. Quiet But Heard

A friend once described me as ‘quiet, but heard’ and that has stayed with me. My spirituality is very important to me. This song is my prayer.

11. Goddess

This song is inspired by the sea. I was walking along a beach the day after a big storm. It was a beautiful clear day, the sun was shining, the sea was calm, and overhead, a rescue helicopter was flying over the ocean, looking for the bodies of the drowned fisherman who had been caught in the storm.

12. My Lagan Love

This is one of my favourite songs of all time. My mother taught me the song when I was a child. Usually, three verses are sung but I did some research and discovered some verses that I hadn’t come across before.

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